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Sunday, October 4, 2009

2010 Raleigh Venture Comfort Bicycle at Palms Cycle West Los Angeles

The oldest bike shop in Los Angeles is also the most modern. Offering everything from comfort bikes like this hot new Raleigh Venture 3.0 for 2010 to Fixed gears, custom designs, and vintage Schwinn Crates, you haven't been in a great bike store until you've been to Palms Cycle.  Check out this video on the new 2010 Raleigh Venture Comfort Bike at Palms Cycle.

New Fixed Gear by 3G Bikes for 2010 at Palms Cycle in West Los Angeles

3G is way, way out front on design and this new fixed gear bike is no exception. Palms Cycle is way out front on every aspect of fixed gear, fixie, custom builds, and everything else that is gonna make you the standout in your tribe.  Just check out this new 3G bike to get a taste.

JK Ripper Fixed Gear Bicycles by SE Bikes - 2010 DC x PK Ripper Fixed Gear at Palms Cycles in

Palms Cycle is the place to be if you are part of the fixed gear happenings in West LA. Sunday afternoons Palms Cycle is the meeting place for Smashed Up Sundays. Show up on any bike, fixie, fixed gear, Cruiser, it doesn't matter. Just come have fun. This video is about a totally sick bike that is fixed gear and limited edition. Only 2500 ever. Check it out on the video.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Best Custom Bike Builder - Including Fixies - In Los Angeles

Your custom Fixie or Fixed Gear bicycle should do many things well. It should be light, quick, and geared perfectly to fit your riding style and needs. AND it should be dy-no-mite to look at. If you live anywhere near the real Hollywood at the corner of Venice and Motor, one block from Sony Studios, then you can walk to Palms Cycle and meet Cap Rancier, the king of Custom. Cap has been creating custom bikes for his customers and the movie industry for over 30 years. His bikes have appeared in movies, TV Shows, commercials, print ads, and music videos. With the fixie bike boom, he has been able to turn his artistic talents to an entire new genre of bicycles. This video will give you a taste of the potential waiting for you. Check out Palms Cycle if you want to be the King of Crank Mob.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

No Place Quite Like Palms Cycles

From the moment you enter the front door, you know this is no ordinary bike shop. If the owner, Cap, is there (instead of tending to his antique car collection), he might give you a big howdy from clear across the store behind the counter. If his daughter, Candace, is in charge, you can count on feeling like you are the only customer ever to visit the store.

You certainly will notice the Hawaiian theme throughout the shop. You almost expect Hawaiian steel guitars and ukeleles to be playing in the background. Then there are the period bicycles. Not so surprising maybe, since Palms Cycles in only a block from Sony studios and a couple of miles from Fox. The bikes are for sale, but also for rent to the studios.

If you ask, Cap will be more than happy to show you his antique car of the day. He always has a couple parked in back, and the one he drove to work that day. If that isn't enough, you might get lucky and meet the 4th generation, Ashlynd. She is only 5, so not very good at fixing bikes yet. But one sort of expects that she might follow her great grandmother's lead some day. We'll do an article later about Grandma Rancier, who is a very young 91.

None of these fun elements distract you from the excellent bicycle selections, good stock of the best accessories, shoes, helmets, and other necessary bike stuff. And, of course, you don't stay in the business for 78 years unless your service department can do the job. With Cap fixing up the vintage bikes and cars, you might suspect he can turn a wrench on the latest rides.