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Sunday, December 28, 2008

SE Fixed Gear Line, Speciale, Draft, Premium Brew Stocked at Palms Cycle, West Los Angeles

Here are two videos that give you a close-up-and-personal look at the latest and greatest in SE's line of fixed gear and single speed bikes.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Fixie Bikes- Do It Yourself or Let Palms Cycle Help You 310-838-9644

Cap Rancier is a miracle maker. Whether with cars or bikes, old rusty hulks become primo show pieces. His talents are being showcased in a new way with the latest bicycle fad, fixies. Fixed gear and single speed bicycles are all the rage, and they commonly start out as a fixer upper. A solid, but lightweight used frame becomes the foundation for a very cool new street machine. Check out this video for an example of a slamming fixie designed by a customer, executed by Cap and staff. If you can Imagine it, Palms Cycle can build it.

Fixed Gear aka Fixie Bicycles Huge at Palms Cycle in West Los Angeles

Fixed gears used to be just for the track. Not anymore. Palms Cycle in West Los Angeles now carries a wide variety of Fixed Gear and Single Speed bikes for those who enjoy the fun and challenge of going without clusters, multiple chain rings, and derailleurs. Some of these bikes have one brake, some none. Flip Flop hubs provide free wheeling options. And braise ons are in place on some bikes to create the potential of conversion to a more complicated ride. Featured in this video is the Masi line, a respected name in road bikes.

Palms is now featuring a ride for all riders, all styles every Sunday at 4:00. Call the store to confirm the ride each week, but it does go out pretty much every week. Some of the rides are challenging, but no one will be dropped.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Los Angeles's Oldest Bike Shop May Get Historic Status

Candace Rancier, manager of Palms Cycle, and grand daughter of the first Rancier's to own the shop, was interviewed on the national nonprofit radio program Living on Earth for release the week of June 27.

Find the review here.

In addition, the Palms-Village Sun wrote that the location of the shop is being considered for historic society listing. Read the details here.

The artwork to the left was originally part of the sign on the building, but was removed because of damage. It is easy to see that the eclectic personalities that bought the shop in the 60's continue the tradition with the most unique shop in Los Angeles County today.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bicyce Restorations, Bike Painting, Powder Coating, Detailing

Palms Cyclery is the very best bike shop in West LA, maybe even all of Los Angeles to get your antique or old school bicycle completely restored. Palms Cyclery is also the place to come if you are doing a movie, tv show, advertisement, article, or music video that needs that very special bicycle. They sell or rent any kind of bicycle you can think of for the purpose of movie, tv, music video, and theatrical props.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Candace Updates the Palms Cycle MySpace

You need to check it out. It is really a lot of fun. Become a friend. To see it just click HERE

Palms Cycle Helps With AIDS/LIFE CYLE

Each year over 200 bicyclists set off from San Francisco on a 7 day trek down to Los Angeles. This year, the event will cover 545 miles from June 1-7 with a goal of raising awareness of the continuing epidemic of HIV/AIDS. For the 2008 ride, Palms Cycle has joined in this effort at a Platinum Sponsor.

In addition to their donation, they have helped with training and provided discounts to participants. Cap and Candace have established a great relationship with the leadership at AIDS/Life Cycle, and encourage friends of the shop to start thinking about riding in next years event. Training starts in October. For more information check here

Palms Cycle and the Movie Biz

Less than two blocks away from the front door of Palms Cycle is the core of Culver City, Sony Studios. Originally the home of MGM, the studios are a major employer for the surrounding cities of Venice, Mar Vista, Santa Monica, West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and so on. Not surprisingly, then, that Palms Cycle gets a lot of their biz from THE BIZ. Current bicycles have starred in movies, music videos, TV pilots, and advertisements. This three-wheeler was used on American Idol.

The shop reaches out across the entire USA in search of vintage bicycles in order to have a ready inventory of all types of bikes that can be used for props. Here are a few examples

If the bicycle that will make the perfect prop is not in stock, Cap will go in search for it. If there are none like that available anywhere, it might be possible to make one.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Grass Is Always Greener

This bicycle is not available at Palms Cycles, but maybe this guy is on to something. We'll keep you posted.